Mars in Aquarius


Mars in Aquarius Keyword: Electric

The planet of Inner Drive and passion is here in the sign of the Revolutionary and the Innovator. You probably want to change the world with your ideas and make it a better place to live in. Your energy is more than anything mental and your originality makes you find innovative solutions and courageously go beyond the norm, breaking through the limitations. You are people-oriented, but tend to be detached in more personal relationships.

Others find it difficult to pinpoint what makes you tick and to rely on you, as your energy is rather erratic. You have a unique worldview, and it makes you act in an unpredictable way. You just can’t stand dullness and routine and occasionally you get overexcited, impulsive, self-willed.

You are visionary. You’re the type of person who gives the world some of its best reforming ideas. You are a genuine intellectual, progressive and open-minded, with the good of humanity at heart, and principles based on freedom and equality. You discern the cracks in society long before they become apparent to others. Your sharp, incisive and dynamic mind and unique and original thinking puts you out in front – sometimes so far out that you are a voice crying in from the future.

Besides being an air, intellectual sign, your quality is fixed – you don’t allow to be pushed around. You are very independent and proud of it. Being imposed by anyone makes you rebel. You are much happier with groups of people than in an emotional entanglement with one or two others. Bohemian types attract you most; you enjoy their informality and uninhibited ways, which are very similar to your own. These people are inclined to be enthusiastic about your more revolutionary views and make you feel less eccentric than misunderstood.

You are very convincing in your arguments and very capable of making things go your way. Although somewhat scattered, you are very strong-willed. Stubbornly holding to your opinions, you can come across as intellectual elitist, however, you aren’t selfish person and before making a decision, you think how it will affect you and others, too. As you value your way of doing things and independence, you value freedom of others just the same.

Sexually, you aren’t the slave of corporal pressures. Your approach to sex is more mental than physical. “Take it or leave it” approach to sensuality make you free to experiment with it. You don’t emotionally condition your sexual relationships – to you, love is an idea, the great idea, and it could never be reduced to simple biological need. Being a friend, loving the humanity, having a cause will always take a superior force that drives you than any intense emotional, intimate bond to one person. Unfortunately, more bonding and emotional types sense it – no matter how strongly you profess your love to them, they’d always feel that you could just as easily live without them.

Mars in Aquarius famous people: publisher   Hugh  Hefner,   actor  James  Mason,  millionaire Howard Hughes, artist Leonardo da Vinci, actress Julie Christie.




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