Libra Real Horoscope

Libra Real Horoscope


Remember, for the complete Libra real horoscope other planets positions (i.e. Ascendant, Moon, Venus, Mars) would provide more information, so you can make FREE NATAL CHART reading and learn more about specific person. Stay tuned, more Astro Guides are coming!

Libras are the persuaders extraordinaire of the Zodiac. Libra real horoscope gives the appearance of being balanced. He’s so pleasant, so refined, and so lovely to look at. Libras have nice smiles and beautiful voices. This is to disguise their steely determination and razor-sharp minds. It’s said in astrological circles that Aries has cornered the market on leadership. Because of their forthright manner, Rams just appear to be in charge, however Aries are really just the frontmen for Libras, who rule the world.

Here’s how they do it and what you should be aware of (and THAT IS a Libra Real Horoscope!)

Beware Libra’s impeccable manners

It’s so easy to relax around the Venus-ruled Libran. Libra always consults you politely. Chivalrously, even. Let’s say you’re meeting Libra for breakfast. You walk into the kitchen, and Libra greets you with a smile.

Libra: I don’t know how you like your eggs.
You: (to yourself) How considerate…

Beware Libras seeking opinions.

Libra: What would you like to do today?
Oh good, you think, we get to go to the zoo instead of the theatre.
Libra seems to be asking your opinion about what you’ll do for entertainment.
She’s really just setting it up so that she can tell you what she wants to do.


When Libra approaches you with an opinion-seeking question, it’s a signal that Libra has already made up her mind. It’s the only occasion when this happens, so enjoy it.

Beware the Libra considerate nature.

Libra will disarm you with apparent consideration, especially when doing something he knows you don’t like.

EXAMPLE: Libra is doing something you agreed is against the house rules. Since you both value your sleep, you agreed there would be no loud music after 11 P.M. and no lawn mowing early on Saturday mornings. Then one night you hear Beethoven’s Ninth blasting from the stereo or the nerve-grating sound of the lawn mower at 8:00 A.M. on Sunday. Deciding Libra needs to be reminded of your agreement, you prepare for a debate.

You storm downstairs thinking about tactics and trying to decide whether to use reason or guilt or to go with your inclinations and use raw anger. There stands Libra, smiling with concern.

Libra: Is this a bad time to be making all this noise?

And you’re getting seduced…

You reel from this consideration, so apparently at odds with Libra’s actions, and are stumped. Then you find yourself muttering: “It’s okay,” and volunteering to hear the symphony through to the end or get more gasoline for the mower .


Don’t take consideration for an answer.

Astrologically Incorrect, Terry Marlowe




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