Moon in Libra

Libra Moon

Libra Moon – The People Pleaser

When you look at the Zodiac chart keenly, you will notice that the Libra is the second air sign. Its symbol indicates a blowy spirit that is easy to alter, open and can be easily engaged. Such is the nature of the Moon in Libra. A typical Libra Moon is invested in people at all times and places too much focus in what other people think of them. This Moon position has a pronounced need for relationship. When another person is in a relationship with them, they must always consider their nature and affirm them repeatedly. Since they are too focused on other people, they are sensitive to what is or what is not said about them. Such sensitivity is a two sided sword. From the negative angle, the opinions of others may cripple their ability to thrive in life as they may too preoccupied in doubting their abilities. At the good side, Venus is the ruling planet of the Libra and as such, it makes these people to become very sensual and creative.

Libra Moon capacity to imagine things is especially gigantic during the childhood years. These children grow into adulthood with an inner world of fantasy and creativeness. In fact, many of the Libra Moon natives make excellent story tellers. They are also very sociable and tend to make friendships very quickly. This allows them to form conducive grounds on which other people can meet and interact. Generally, they are jovial and optimistic when dealing with other people. Interestingly, they can maintain a happy and optimistic mood among people even when they are stressed inside. They are also funny and enjoy making other people laugh. Once they encounter a person who may be doing badly, they are likely to engage them in humor to ease their moods before dishing out sensible advice. Examples of Moon in Libra people are Edouard Manet and Marcel Duchamp.

Additionally, Libra Moon people have the unique ability of analysing others correctly. Their ability to decode first impressions correctly is mysterious. This ability, however, may interfere with any future interactions with other people. It is recommended that the Libra Moon give other people adequate time to express their true thoughts, feelings and opinions prior to cutting them off. Since these people are always focused on others, they are rarely ever alone. A huge chunk of their lives is spent in the company of others and that is something that they really enjoy. After all, they have the ability to make others feel at ease in their presence. The Libra Moon that are more vocal about their feelings and thoughts often tend to be the center piece in parties because they engage others a lot. Actually, they can be very charming. They are likely to invest the chances that they get with other people positively, for example, in finding opportunities for themselves. They are also likely to engage in social activism like did Nelson Mandela and Jimmy Carter. Their involvement in politics is linked to their ability to decipher the moods of other people before hand. Libra Moon people can also perform very well in marketing and public relations because they easily capture the attention of others. Journalism and mass communication is also a good option for them because they have an excellent ability to comprehend varied perspectives.

After undergoing adequate training and becoming skilled, the Libra Moon can make good reconcilers. This is because they can facilitate discussions between two opposing sides whose opinions they fully understand – they are very diplomatic. Their skills in negotiation are admirable and they love engaging in mediation. The experts also know the tactics to apply so as to bring a discussion into a comprehensive and sober conclusion. This ability must be learned as it does not come naturally to them. A typical Libra Moon is excellent at incorporating issues rather than letting them go so they must exercise much caution in their interactions so as not to further the aggression between the two opposing sides.

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