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How to play Leo’s drama?

What is true facts about Leo?

Imagine you’re at the opera, soaking up the atmosphere. The music is dramatic, the costumes sumptuous. The building is lavishly appointed on a grand scale. Keep this in mind, because that’s what life is like with Leo. When the Dictator Diva sings, “Me, me, me,” it’s not just a vocal exercise. Leo real horoscope comes to scene..

Command Performance

In Leo’s opera of existence, remember to treat Leo as the star. (You could also treat him like the director, the producer, the composer, the librettist, and every other major player in Leo’s Opera of Life, but this can get unwieldy.) Leo’s ego needs top billing, so put his name on your marquee in large lighted letters-with glitter.

Pay Attention to Leo

There’s a reason this sign is ruled by the sun. Leo finds it delightful (not to mention handy) that the sun is the center of the solar system. How can anyone ignore the center of the universe? The first time you do, it will be your last.

Let Leo Take Center Stage

Leo likes to talk. Just stand in the wings, keep your mouth shut, and let her do the talking. Later, Leo will reminisce, “I just love conversing with so and so. He’s such a brilliant conversationalist.”

Praise Leo

Leo gets off on praise. One of the reasons Leo does anything isso someone will notice. And applaud. Loudly. While clapping, think to yourself, “Stroke, stroke.” This is helpful for the following reasons.

1. That’s what slaves say with each pull of the oars to which
they’ve been chained (by Leo).
2. It will remind you that the Lion needs to be stroked if you have
any hope of taming him.
Give the Lion a compliment such as, “Yes, Leo, you wield that credit card extremely well. Almost like a professional.” Imagine what Leo expects when he really does accomplish something. Know how to genuflect?




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