Moon in Leo

Leo Moon

Leo Moon –  The Golden King

The nature of the Leo Moon is golden and one that demands the admiration of other people. These people cannot go unnoticed in any social or formal gathering. Noticing them does not merely occur due to their dressing because they are naturally not as flamboyant as we may imagine. Instead, it is their sense of confidence that captivates other people. It doesn’t however, always mean that Leo Moons are too social. The spotlight they take can be among family and friends. Nevertheless, they like to entertain people.

Leo Moon people are aware that they are important as human beings and thus do not try to minimize that fact. They lead very driven lives and have the ability to influence others positively. To the non-Leos, the primary way of identifying these traits is through their pride and the confidence that oozes out of them. This pride and confidence is not detrimental but rather one that is authentic. The Leo Moon have a genuine concern for others and achieve satisfaction from helping them whenever they can. Failure to assist a person who is in need makes the typical Leo Moon to feel sad and unaccomplished. They also have a need to be fair and just to all people.

Another attractive quality of the Leo Moon is their relaxed nature that makes them sociable. This quality attracts many people hence they form friendships very easily. Their enthusiasm and inspiration for life is one that is evident enough to bring more life and purpose in the lives of other people. Since these people love being at the center of things, it is very likely that you will find them where the action is in a social gathering. Their sense of importance is one that they share with other people, therefore, people love associating with them because they feel valued. It is their desire for leading meaningful lives that prompts them to take part in serious projects. As a result, others may consider the Leo Moon to be very serious people in life. Nonetheless, their values attract respect from the same people. The Moon in Leo prefer to engage in social issues, humanitarianism, politics and other activities that have a purpose.

In addition to the above, the Leo Moon are big-hearted people. Their generosity goes beyond giving tangible things and encompasses emotional availability to other people. They are often very good at articulating their thoughts and feelings. It is thus very easy to know when they are happy and when they may not be. When you wrong them, it is typical of them to tell it to your face. The symbol of the Leo is a lion that rules over its space as do the Leo Moon. These people are protective of their interests and love to be accorded due respect. They are very straightforward and would rather tell the naked truth even when it may not be very welcome. They love getting their space to enjoy some peace and quiet. The character of Leo Moon is always evident unless their egos are hurt or their dignity shattered.

The primary weakness in the Leo Moon is their pride when it is uncontrolled. Others may segregate them as people whose pride takes over their character to an extent that they forget their real selves. Instead of being harsh on them, it is best to encourage them, change their environment or tell a joke. Doing so allows them to be jovial and to shrink into their real selves as opposed to being driven by pride. Additionally, laughter is essential in taking away the side that is always too serious. Being naturally fierce and passionate characters, they tend to feel each life experience deeply. They are also likely to explain the experience in a very philosophical manner that allows them to give due significance to a matter they wish. 

What Leo Moons also should be careful of, beside ego and pride, is their laziness at times, and not to let their need to organize become need to control others.

Grippingly, the Leo Moon are captivated by a life that is adventurous and mysterious. They have a stealthy curiosity that they wish to satisfy through exploring the unknown. Their primary goal in life is to gain a deeper understanding of it, leading to wisdom, so they do not care whether or not the learning process is humdrum. The quest for wisdom often pushes them to explore varied disciplines in life. In a complementary fashion, the Leo Moon have an intrinsic wisdom that is above other people. It is this wisdom that gives direction and sense to their lives and prompts them to look beyond the ordinary things in life. Their primary focus is on the greater things that life has to offer. Consequently, they often overlook the small elements that may sometimes be important. The Leo Moon are always keen to translate theoretical knowledge into practice. Their active tendencies make them dislike people that love to sit back and wallow in self pity. They also hate seeing time and other resources go to waste so they do their best to utilize them effectively.

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