Leo Ascendant

leo ascendant
leo ascendant

Leo Rising Sign

Leo Ascendant – First House in Leo

Whatever your Sun sign is, Leo as your Rising sign motivates you to express your best self. Your alluring charisma and nobility of character make your personal magnetism so strong. It is almost impossible that Leo Ascendant go unnoticed. Pride, and even arrogance at times, are not totally absent in this position, but “queen it over” other people attitude is somewhat softened here, comparing to Leo Sun.

You are very conscious of yourself, your body, your appearance and also acutely conscious of  the impression you leave on others. If you are with a Leo Ascendant in the public, you become part of the image people with this placement are so keen to maintain. Many of these natives live a life as if it was a movie in which they play a leading role, and most importantly – as if they are always in the focus of an audience.

You are imperious and fond of command and it’s visible in your royal and noble bearing. You tend to dominate the social sphere in which you move. You are very competitive but that trait isn’t so visible as long as you get the royal treatment you believe you naturally deserve. If, however, you aren’t treated in accordance with the status you believe you have, you can easily loose your temper and make a scene to anyone anywhere. Wounded pride is very difficult for you to bear, especially because it touches your insecurity about the importance you have. That’s why you actually seek so much attention and approval from other people.

You are a physically attractive and vital person and gravitate to a position of leadership as though it were the most natural thing in the world. You are also independent, outspoken and at times brutally frank. Your aim, to grant freedom through your own ability to lead, sometimes degenerates into a power complex resulting in arrogant dictatorship. Whatever is the case, you just love the things to be done your way.

You love power and distinction, and grand displays. You have a strong need to be somebodyLimelight is your natural placement. Your self-confidence catch the attention of others. In part, this can be attributed to the fact that you are really rather noisy person, who are very keen about physical appearance (Dress to impress was invented for Leo Ascendant) In fact, you probably cherish your hair. On the other hand, your royal mannerism, gregariousness, courage and dignity simply captivate the interest of others and makes you stand out.

You blossom most where you have authority. You usually occupy some high or responsible position in managing or executive work, and you actually have a great talent as a manager, whether you’re managing your family and friends or as a professional role. You have the gift of inspiring others to great accomplishments—unless you become power-happy, in which case you can lead them to their ruin. You are ambitious and self confident, or at least you give that impression – and that’s why you can be seen as bossy. Although high-strung and quick to anger, you are very forgiving and don’t hold grudges for long.

You are driven and idealistic, and you have great energy and are apt to pour it. You have tendency to decide impulsively and jump to conclusion, and along with your so enthusiastic and magnanimous attitude, you are always in danger of overdoing things. Scattering your goodwill in all directions can result in your withdraw from all other pursuits to attend to one problem. Although you have a lot of staying power, you are, interestingly enough, easily troubledEspecially because you tend to overlook the reality of the situation and overestimate yourself. You are also not immune to excesses and self-indulgence.

Your natural desire and flair for being noticed makes it possible for you to reach considerable heights of accomplishment. But if your compulsion to be recognized degenerates, it becomes sheer showmanship or showoffmanship.

Since you like people to agree with your ideas, it is fortunate that you are usually very good at the art of persuasion. You make, in fact, a fine salesperson. Articulate and polished in speech, you have the knack of communicating your enthusiasm through the vitality of your presentation. You are pleasing and tactful. Because you usually believe in whatever you recommend, you exude an air of sincerity and authority. You are even prepared to risk an argument to make your point. On the other hand, if you don’t have faith in what you are saying you become fairly easy to see through.

You are not an easy person to be married to, although you can be devoted and disarmingly generous. You often choose the wrong type of partner. You have a strong streak of independence and a love of freedom, and if you choose a mate with similar characteristics—as you usually do—the result is fireworks.

The Leo ascendants would be incomplete without their ability to exhibit their opinions and feelings using magnificent gestures. This makes you naturally dramatic. It’s not a rare occasion to see a Leo ascendant too caught up in fiction mostly because of shading things, people and situations through their firm convictions. But, usually, you are playful, affectionate and adventurous person, who is generous to friends and select the closest of them with care.

You love high quality clothes, sophisticated designs and everything that allows you to promote yourself in the best way. You just have a natural talent for superior quality. You consider that life is there to be enjoyed, so you’d prefer to enjoy it in grand, luxurious manner. But, you are a bit of a paradox when money is concerned. You have a quite extravagant tastes and yet your spending habits are conservative. You can put your pennies away with punctilious care and then blow the lot (well, almost the lot) on some extravagant travel or some expensive luxury item.

You should avoid the tendency to overemphasize your accomplishments and good deeds. That’s when people see an egomaniac in you instead of seeing the true you – big-hearted,  joyful and charmingly self-confident person that you are. You always remain the child in heart and are great at initiating projects and making people warm up and start realization of an idea.

Ruler of this Rising sign is Sun, so with this placement, how much of optimism and grandiose attitude you’ll have is particularly conditioned on in what sign your Sun is and the house where it’s placed. Therefore, Sun in Virgo softens the magnanimous influence of Leo ascendant, and if Sun is in Gemini, staying power is lessened, by playfulness and youthfulness is strengthened, while in Capricorn ambitious strike remains, but in much sober, down-to-earth manner, etc.

Whatever is your Sun sign, Leo ascendant encourages the most authentic expression of its energy. Leo Sun earned a reputation of big-heartedness, but that trait is actually more reliable in Leo Ascendant: you don’t have so prominent tendency to manipulate others for personal gain. However, Leo ascendant can exhibit reserved and aloof attitude, and because of the unusual importance this ascendant gives to respect and dignity, spontaneity and playful humor of the Leo Sun can be somewhat repressed here. The worst thing someone can do to this people is embarrass them in public or endanger their (sometimes imagined) social status in any way.

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