• Thanx for your opinion dear Fukawf( 😉 ). Those are generalization that represent a humorous characteristics of the signs. Cancers are really very connected to their mother (either by loving or hating her, especially male Cancers-it is deep in their psychology), and tend to withdraw (Cancers have shells and walk sideways, they don’t attack directly). In later years, they become the Mothers- nurtures (if they develop), so tend to nurture others. But, of course, if that Cancer has an Aries ascendant he would probably behave more like an Arian described here, or has some fiery planet like Mars in Saggi for instance his behaviour would be very different – Sun signs are our core, but only complete Natal chart could actually explain how some Cancer would behave in an elevator – preferably if we compare his chart with other people’s chart in the elevator to get really good description of this situation. That is why I try my best to give at least generated free Natal charts to all my followers.

      What is your Sun sign? Where is your Ascendant placed?


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