While you have a natural love for learning and tend to focus on stuff that’s cerebral, the fact that your sign’s symbol is the twins means you are dually influenced by your heart and your head. You tend to gravitate toward things in life that touch you emotionally and intellec­tually. Born under the sign of the twins, you may be secretly in search of your soul mate, someone who you feel completes you. You’re a composite of many different personality traits and sometimes you confuse even the people who know you best. Don’t be surprised if they say, “Will the real you please stand up?”

GeminiSymbol: Gemini
Element: Air
Polarity: Positive
Favorite color: Green
Sensitive body parts: hands, shoulders, lungs
Counterpart in Chinese: Horse
The ruling planet: Mercury
Intersection/Quality: Mutable
House: Third
The opposite sign: Sagittarius
Amulet: Turquoise


Inventive and original, you like to be given the opportunity to originate ideas and imple­ ment new ways to solve problems. Because you’re superadaptable, you’re the one who can make the most of situations that others may find disagreeable or see as major set­backs. You are also versatile and capable of enjoying and excelling at many different things. Just don’t let yourself get pulled in too many directions or you’ll end up becoming scattered and distracted. Figure out a course of action and stick to it.


If there’s one thing your family can count on from you, it’s conversation. You are the girl with the gift of gab. Just be on the alert for going a bit too far with what you blurt out. Tempting though it may be to gossip and spread the news, you can get burned big-time if you become known for being the family tattletale. When conversations turn confidential, keep what’s told to you under lock and key.


OK, you’re kind of a clock-watcher. The thing is, when a subject bores you beyond belief, you’re not the kind of girl who can hide the way you’re feeling. You are a quick study but since restless is your middle name, a subject has got to be riveting to hold your attention. While in class, be careful not to spend all your time staring out the window or whispering to friends. Any subjects that let you showcase your conversational skills are the ones you’re apt to ace. Think foreign languages and language arts. If there’s a speech and debate club at your school, sign up.


As a supersocial Gemini, you are amusing, entertaining, witty, and can have four conversations at once without missing a beat. You shine socially when you’re around others who are talkative and into what’s supercurrent. People who report on yesterday’s news cause you to yawn. And drama queens are the last people on earth with whom you’re likely to hang -they wear you out in a big way. You prefer to spend time with people who are able to maintain an even keel. You enjoy paying lots of attention to your closest friends and have no problem doing what you can to make them look good. But be aware that you have a tendency to flit from one thing or per­son to another and that this could end up causing your buds to occasionally see you as a flake of a friend.


Focus on those activities that enable you to move your arms around. Create a racket with tennis, squash, or badminton. The net result of these games, in addition to giving you a great workout, is that they allow you to show off your grace and form. The movement and choreography of all varieties of dance make for great stay-in-shape choices. And remember, any workout is more fun when you do it with friends, so enlist a bunch of your buds to get buff with you.


Great jobs for Geminis include anything that lets you talk your way to the top. Consider careers in broadcasting, radio, or public speaking. Given your gift of gab, you’d also be a great salesperson or spokesperson for a major corporation. Think talk’s cheap? Hardly. With you, it can be the way to complete career success. Other options include becoming a writer, teacher, journalist, lecturer, or linguist.


Compromise with a family member and come up with a smart solution.
Pay attention to your intuition when making a major decision.
Be a team player in one of your classes.
Keep communication open with your best friend.


You’re going to be running around with lots of nervous energy. Work this to your advantage by enrolling in an exercise class and getting in top shape. If something should come to an end, as in a relationship that’s historically been pretty rocky, give yourself time to think about what it meant to you and then move on. You’ll be building yourself a better future by not dwelling on what went wrong. Focus on what may lie ahead. While events may leave you feeling as if you’re emotionally scattered and scurrying about in an aimless way, honing in on a few of your goals and figuring out what it will take to achieve them will help adjust your attitude.

At your best, you’re seen as someone who is:

  • Inquisitive, Inventive, Entertaining, Versatile, Open-minded

At your worst, you come across as someone who is:

  • Restless, Easily bored, Impatient, Gossipy, A split personality

Your sign is associated with:

  • Communication, Persuasion, Curiosity, Learning, Adaptability




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