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How To Handle Gemini

Talk, talk, talk.

Has a Gemini flitted into your orbit?

If you’re not already a verbal juggler, you’d better toss some linguistic balls in the air, dangle a few participles, and delete the word permanent from your vocabulary. In those Gemini real horoscope situations you can easily find yourself in a mental roller-coaster ride.  But, Gemini are splendid listeners too.

They’re the best folks to confide in, and you never have to worry about them telling your secrets. It’s not particularly that they’re loyal to the death; it’s mainly that they forget what you told them as soon as they start another conversation which is immediately, if not simultaneously. Look for the Gemini floating around anyplace there’s talk, schemes, and movement.

You’ll find Gemini:

• At a meeting of the Book of the Moment Club
• Attached to almost any telephone
• Churning out pithy slogans at an ad agency
• At the appliance store, asking when they’ll come out with faster
microwave ovens
• On Capitol Hill doing tricky things with the national budget
• Sneaking around on behalf of The National Enquirer

You might find Gemini anchoring the nightly news or whispering confidentially over the office water cooler. Wherever he is, whatever he’s doing, he’s a verbal virtuoso. He’s also the warlock of information circulation, which is just Gemini double-talk for a lust for gossip.

The Twins

When manipulating Gemini, always keep in mind her astrological symbol: the Twins. In other words, she has two identities-maybe more. No wonder she can do two things at once. She can also do two people at once. But that’s not a problem unless you’re married to her.


Whoever Gemini is today, she’ll be someone else tomorrow. Gemini may be versatile, but you’re stuck with her foibles.

Here’s what not to expect from Gemini

Don’t Expect Stability

Gemini uses his two personalities to dart around so fast, you couldn’t push his buttons even if you could find them. He doesn’t just move and think fast. He also talks fast enough to leave chats kids


Expecting a Gemini to be stable is like counting on a politician to keep promises-naive and a complete waste of time.

Don’t Expect Commitment

Say you want to pin Gemini down about something important.
The conversation will go something like this:
You: So, Gem, what do you want to be when you grow up? If
you grow up, that is?
Gemini: (eagerly) Well, I thought I’d … (She breezes into an
answer with such eloquence that she talks herself hoarse.)

When Gemini is finished, do you feel satisfied she’s given you a firm answer? You shouldn’t. Gemini just spent the whole conversation wriggling, squirming, and speaking in a very learned way that hides the fact she hasn’t committed to anything at all.


To Gemini, words are to be climbed over, hidden behind, and threaded onto hooks as bait. So you’re going to have to learn to use her own bait against her.

Astrologically Incorrect, Terry Marlowe




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