Moon in Gemini

Gemini Moon

Gemini Moon – Angels & Fairies

Gemini Moon people best interact with the Moon in Sagittarius, Pisces and Aries. This is because they love dealing with people that can cope easily with change and uncertainty. The Moon in Gemini is a strong character that loves adventure, laughter, jokes, challenge and wittiness. Those that love being certain and in control may have a hard time dealing with the Gemini Moon persona. A majority of people prefer approaching a difficult matter in well deliberated and planned steps. The Moon in Gemini, however, does not operate in such a manner. They have the ability to handle different issues simultaneously and can link together unimaginable elements to come up with a viable solution to a problem that they face. Others tend to view them as the insane or even genius characters that have a unique way of perceiving life. Usually, it is difficult to understand these people so instead, others are left awe at their uniqueness. To prove this scenario, we can use the likes of Roman Polanski, Henri Rousseau, John Cage and Sati. These authentic and artistic geniuses have lived mysterious lives and have had very unique mannerisms. They all have Moon in Gemini .

The Gemini Moon can assume so many roles at one instance. They can invent, entertain, and be delusional at the same time. In all the characters, they always tend to maintain their inspiration and knowledge. Interestingly, they can answer deep questions and unravel complex riddles in a fun way. The ruling planet of the Gemini is Mercury that is known for being intellectual, cosmic and quick-footed. Mercury is often associated with brainwaves, fluency, wordplay, knowledge and authenticity as are the Gemini people. Additionally, they are very creative and their ability to imagine things is beyond that found in any other Zodiac position. Although not all of them become renowned in the world, all of them certainly have this character and do the best that they can in their different capacities.

The authenticity of these people cannot be overlooked. In fact, it is often coupled with independent thinking that allows them to weave together varied attitudes and judgment about varied disciplines. The ones who are lucky to acquire a good education become excellent at solving academic issues that others may find very challenging. Their mental ability is often very sharp and they are able to quickly analyze an issue and to change their judgment about it. They tend to fight with much determination to defend what they believe is the best decision and thus they make very good debaters. Since these people can adapt quickly to new situations and environments, they are considered strong in nature. Intellectually, their ability to understand and translate concepts into practical aspects makes them the best at whatever task they are given. Generally, they can be regarded as the best employees. Listening to others is not their strongest quality because they have brains that are normally too engaged or can sometimes talk too much. This business of the mind sometimes hinders them from listening to their intuition as well. More often than not, they act on what their heads decide rather than what their hearts demand. As a result, they are prone to making erroneous decisions and conclusions that can lead to the termination of vital relationships. As much as they have a very good sense of things, they tend to overlook important aspects known by themselves or those that are highlighted by other people.

Some people have generally equated the Gemini Moon as fairies and angels. This descriptive phrase has nothing to do with their physique but rather their true nature. The typical Gemini Moon is sweet, loving, caring and very gentle towards other people. In particular woman who have Moon in Gemini become very attractive as a result. They offer much comfort and joy in their intimate relationships. Their partners, therefore, have to learn how to handle them as delicately as they would want to. Once they fail to get the same tenderness in return, they are likely to terminate the relationship in favor of another that meets this need.

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