Gemini Ascendant

gemini ascendant
gemini ascendant

Gemini Rising Sign

Gemini Ascendant – First House in Gemini

If your Ascendant is Gemini you have to be busy all the time, otherwise you don’t really enjoy life. Diversity and change is your primal need to Gemini Ascendant people, and you have a natural desire to learn more about the world. Your existence is more than anything – mental. You would love to have your environment in the same movement as your vibrant thoughts. Your interest in learning is deep and you are curious about people in your environment. Lack of ability to fulfil your need for mental and physical movement and learning almost takes away your meaning of life. Your quick wit and inquisitive mind helps you go through life and defend yourself through the hard times.

While this thirst for knowledge and discovery resembles to those of the Sagittarius Ascendant, there is one big difference: Sagittarius Ascendant strive for new philosophical horizons in the knowledge of the world, while Gemini Ascendant is interested in their immediate social environment and people it consist of. Another learning focus of the Gemini Ascendant is one that he can benefit from.

Owing to your heightened interest in your surroundings and to constant mingling, the Gemini Ascendant endowed you to interact easily and freely with other people. The mental speed and wittiness you posses can intimidate others, while you are actually sympathetic and sensitive, and very quick to pick up the thoughts and attitudes of others. The same lively quality of your intellect may appear to others as lack of warmth or impatience even though that’s not true. You are actually very idealistic, aware of the sufferings of the world, and always there to offer your help in very practical ways, as well to give your moral support, cheer up and boost enthusiasm of those in need  with power of you rhetoric.

Nevertheless, there surely were the times, when you were too focused on your mental agility and intellectual playfulness actually neglecting the deep emotions of the people you were “playing” with.

In your interpersonal relationships, especially friendships (and in love), you can be so very fastidious, that you were rather decide to be alone than in bad company, surrounded by people in whose presence you do not feel comfortable enough or sufficiently respected.

Gemini Ascendant tends to avoid emotional attachment. To you commitment is a broad term, especially because you are prone to interpersonal excursions and love affairs. You are often well regarded in society, in different type of companies, because of your entertaining spirit and nonchalance and unconstrained behavior. Any failures in the sphere of love does not leave a special mark on you, because you always have a backup plan, even in emotional relationships.

From keen observations and analyses, it is apparent that there are two most distinct and most usual manifestation of Gemini ascendant. In the first, this type displays a calm and rational profile. This manifestation also contains mental agility and witty but like to be cool in a crowd. They are very analytical when making observations and can be generally thought of as gruff – as they tend to preserve the dignity image. The other personality type of Gemini ascendant radiate the jovial, unpredictable, chatty and a little peculiar character. This category of Gemini ascendant is very loveable and easy to interact with. They have the habit of offering explanations to everything that they do or say. Interestingly, they also seek to explain external aspects including the mannerisms and outlook of other people.

Regardless of which of the two types of Gemini ascendant described above you fall into, you try your best to examine and make sense of the world you live in. The brain of a Gemini Ascendant is very active and you are quick to learn and you either admire or enjoy music, theatre,  languages, travel and most forms of innovation and invention. You are capable of doing several things at once and are very good at carrying on an intelligent conversation and deftly using your hands at the same time. As an aftermath, you always have something witty and well deliberated to state about different issues. Although you have these appealing abilities, the Gemini ascendants have very short attention spans. You are, therefore, easily distracted from issues due to your wide scope of curiosity.

To others, you seem to have an extraordinary zest for living and your acquaintances are often amazed at how you retain your youthful looks and outlook. Like Peter Pan, you don’t seem to grow old as ordinary mortals do.

The ruling planet of your Natal Chart is Mercury.

Your ideal partner would be a person with Sun Sign or Ascendant in Sagittarius

Famous people with Gemini Ascendant: Buzz Aldrin,  Neil Armstrong, Drew Barrymore,  Jean-Paul Belmondo, Tony Blair, William F. Buckley,  Miles Davis, John Denver, Alan Dershowitz, Phyllis Diller, Donovan,  Larry Flynt, Peter Fonda, Greta Garbo, Mick Jagger, Tommy Lee Jones, Johannes Kepler, Henry Kissinger, Gina Lollobridgida, Jack London, Sir Lawrence Olivier, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jean Piaget, Ginger Rogers,  George Bernard Shaw, Dinah Shore, Bruce Springsteen, Guiseppe Verde, Jules Verne, Orson Welles.

Please take a notice that all characteristics of your Ascendant described above will be strongly influenced by other planetary positions in your Natal chart. Even just different Sun signs with same Ascendant differ among each other. Furthermore, Ascendant is influenced by the planets it is aspected by, and modified also by the position of the ruling planet of the sign on the Ascendant.

That’s why always advise to have your full Natal Chart done, in order to personalize all of this interpretations to your own unique personality.

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