Excessively jealous Signs

Zodiac Signs

Everyone, once in awhile, can suffer from jealousy. According to Astrologers, however, jealousy in some Zodiac Signs is more pronounced than in others. Read what is the situation for the particular Sign when it comes to jealousy.

AriesAries needs absolute confidence. Rams do not tolerate lies, masking intentions and hypocrisy. Aries rages when jealous and they often have good reasons for it. But sometimes he can become a victim of unbearable jealousy and also because of mistrust and feelings of insecurity. In such situations it is best to talk openly with your partner and not run away from problems.

TaurusTaurus yearns for a happy world, good family and order. If he has the slightest doubt, he becomes suspicious and investigative, and thereby sometimes organizes jealous scene to his partner. However, this still does not mean the end, no matter how difficult is for Taurus to believe to someone who has just intended to deceive him.

GeminiBorn under this sign are not prone to jealousy scenes, though sometimes they make them without the real reason. Geminis are aware that they themselves are prone to outings in love, so they assume that others are no less unfaithful. It is this suspicion that sometimes lead them to search for evidence of infidelity and they become extremely unhappy if they find them.

CancerCancerians are almost not familiar with jealousy. They are, in fact, blind in love. In their commitment to partner they can’t imagine how they could be deceived. And when they still find a reason to be jealous, they become deeply shaken. They may even become ill from these realizations. If they could learn to forget, Cancerians would be much happier.

LeoLeos are mostly jealous because of wounded pride, but also because of fear that they are not loved enough, which, at the same time, means that the partner has not sufficiently recognized them and that they are not respected. When the lion roars, then it is less because of lost love, but more for the lost power. They are prone to expect too much from a partner.

VirgoThose born under the sign of Virgo sometimes do not behave virginal at all. Some even enjoy when they provoke the jealousy of others. The problem is that they themselves provoke glances and compliments, either by a creative zeal, or diligence, or showing off their persona in some other way.

LibraShe adores her partner. Thereby, there’s no trace of jealousy. But if he tries to take advantage of her tolerance, Libra becomes unpredictable and dangerous. Where and when she hits, only ruins remain. Our advice is: avoid conflicts and think for yourself whether your jealousy actually has a real basis or not.

ScorpioScorpios radiate jealousy. Regardless of whether there is a momentary reason, or it existed a few months already, and even years. Born under this sign are jealous of everyone who has ever stood near their partners. The problem is aggravated since Scorpios have difficulties in calculating their feelings – even in the case of jealousy. It is of great importance at those times to try to verbalize it if you want to keep the relationship.

SagittariusHe will manifest his happiness to the world even when his heart trembles with jealousy. Sagittarius will not admit it and will not ask indiscreet questions. It would be beneath his dignity. But the problem is that he doesn’t forgive nor forgot deceit, even though he might not show it. However, it is best to immediately resolve the slightest cause for jealousy with Sagittarius, so that it doesn’t turn into an unsolvable problem.

CapricornCapricorns usually drag with them a bunch of bad experiences. They also don’t forget and do not forgive. Surprisingly, jealousy among them is weakly expressed, so they never investigate partners actions. However, if he discovers unfaithfulness, Capricorn will slam the door forever.

AquariusJealousy! What is it? Aquarians are not familiar with torment that other signs undergo with that feeling. They do not suffer, or if they do, they try to hide it. Once deceived, they do not look for reasons. They simply leave, period. But that does’t mean that the feelings of Aquarius are stable. Sometimes their ruler Saturn drives them astray.

PiscesJealousy is the constant companion of Pisces. Often it’s a tedious and burdensome feeling, which can both Piscean and her partner lead to madness. Born under this sign usually ask too much from love and from partners. And when their expectations are not being met Pisces retreat. They are often incapable of forgive the slightest mistake.




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