Moon in Capricorn

Capricorn Moon

Capricorn Moon – The Sober Pragmatist

The insignia of a Mountain Goat is used to represent the Capricorn with good reason. The Capricorn Moon often has different sides to their personas just as the mountain goat indicates. Generally, these people portray themselves to the world as the calm, collected and serious people. They view themselves as the strong people who are unaffected by circumstances as they are always cool. Although they have huge egos that they like to radiate in public, these people also have a soft spot that they shield from the world with all their might.

A superficial analysis at them often shows that they are the least emotional people compared to all other people in the entire Zodiac. Unfortunately, that is a mere mask because their sensitivity to issues is found deep inside them. A detailed study on these people proves that they are as emotional as everyone else is; only they do not express their inner feelings and thoughts. It is also apparent that once their emotional side has been let out, it becomes very hard to contain it. Ideally, this means that they are rather sluggish to start but once ignited, they are extremely difficult to stop.

A typical Capricorn Moon will analyze a situation devotedly prior to taking any step. Usually, they will choose to handle the issue with a single mind, approaching one angle at a time till they reach completion. As such, these people are highly analytical and are able to divide a solution to a certain matter into little but comprehensive steps. In the same manner they handle life; they deal with their emotions as well. Making an analysis of emotions, however, is more difficult as they are self validating and Capricorn Moon folka do it because they always want to know their standing in society. Their love for control is one that cannot be overlooked. At times, this desire and will may make them appear as controlling persons. As time goes by, they attain wisdom and discover that being manipulative is not beneficial. As a result, they become more relaxed and gain more confidence in their latter years of life.

Having great ambition is the primarily strength of the Capricorn Moon. Material gains or the practicability of a matter makes them approach it with much enthusiasm. As a result, they are often very hardworking, innovative and perseverant and that is why they are often successful in life. Examples of renowned persons that are categorized in this Zodiac position are Alfred Nobel, Henry Ford, John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie. The Capricorn Moon is often very industrious in business and commerce. It is this ability that makes the Capricorn Moon to feature in many of the charts in America and other countries.

This Zodiac sign is ruled by Saturn. Unlike a Leo Moon that is only determined and strong-hearted, a Capricorn Moon is highly driven, persistent, perseverant and has strength to push them to attaining their targets. It is safe to say that the motto of these people is “I persevere”.

Interestingly, the Capricorn Moons have an immeasurable level of patience. This is often the case when they are sure about their goal. They are thus able to face obstacles calmly as long as they feel that they are not stagnating. Their slow pace is often viewed as stupid by other people but that is the least of their worries. Normally, they do not give up on a journey that they started even when it becomes extremely challenging. In their opinion, a challenge is always an unexplored opportunity and they are willing to put all their might into finding the said chance. It can, therefore, be concluded that the Moon in Capricorn characters are highly competitive. In fact, athletes like David Beckham, Carl Lewis, Tom Watson, Jana Notova, Monica Seles and Andre Agassi are exemplary illustration of the Capricorn Moon. If these are not enough proof, then Muhammad Ali is one renowned boxer that will prove just how determined, competitive and disciplined the Capricorn Moon is.

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