Capricorn Ascendant

Capricorn Ascendant
Capricorn Ascendant

Capricorn Rising Sign

Capricorn Ascendant – First House in Capricorn

The seriousness with which Capricorn ascendant people carry themselves is their most unique trait. The solemn look is often visible even when they try to bring out the light side of a matter. Interestingly, these people make the best comedians because they are able to maintain a somber look the entire time they are telling a joke. We all can attest to the fact that comedians who giggle at their own jokes before completing them are a bore.

Another crucial element about Capricorn ascendant natives is their aptitude in handling projects that is very evident. People born in Capricorn ascendant are very cognizant of their physical appearances. They thus put much effort into choosing their clothes and in the way that they behave. They have an intrinsic desire to attain great success and a majority of them do since they work hard and smart.

We must all bear in mind that the ascendant character is not natural but is instead a result of social conditioning as one grows up. Parents are prone to labeling a child as self-reliant or nice and those labels become part of the child into adulthood. In a similar manner, the Capricorn ascendant trait is one that is carried by children who were considered responsible right from their early years of life. Due to the labeling, the child was obliged to be accountable and reliable to all the other close relatives. More often than not, these people follow customs and are very family leaning.

As a result of this conditioning, these family-oriented Capricorn ascendant usually worry a lot about both themselves and their dependents. To the outside world, they are perceived as diligent, proficient and unfailing. In contrast, these people do not feel and think that they do enough. They are often faced with an internal battle that makes living each day an enormous effort. The primary concern for the Capricorns is to make their future and that of the people they truly care about secure.

Contrary to the imagination of the non-Capricorns, these people do not triumph in life instantaneously. Their meticulous, perseverant and determined nature often tends to mask their daily struggles in life. To aggravate the camouflage, a majority of the Capricorns lead a life of abstemiousness and tend to push away the lighthearted people. That notwithstanding, they are keen about their looks and thus invest in good brands of clothes and other superior items so as to uphold their social standing. These characters are not flamboyant at all but their calm and classy look is usually a result of mindful endeavors.

The ruling planet of the Capricorn is the planet Saturn. Saturn signify restrictions and obstacles one has to face during the lifetime and because of that often leads to a different way of life that is typically opposite to the norm. During childhood, these people seem to have numerous duties and are thus very serious. As they age with poise, they are finally presented with the opportunity of becoming unperturbed. A keen scrutiny at the Capricorn ascendant (as all Capricorns) reveals that these people are generally successful due to their hard work. A majority of them report to have been brought up in resource poor settings but their zeal for a better life pushed them into working extremely hard.

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