You’re all about compassion. You’re first on the scene to help out a friend or to crusade for a cause that’s important to you. Sensitive and naturally tuned in to the feelings of others, you’re almost psychic in your ability to draw out your friends. Your first impressions about people are rarely wrong. The flip side of your personality? Well, since your sign’s symbol is the crab, when your mood switches gears you can come across as the Countess of Crabdom. You have a tendency to withdraw into your own little world rather than stage a major outburst or create a big scene. But don’t think you’re fooling anyone with your slow­ brewing method. When you get steamed and finally do blow your top, people definitely feel the heat!

CancerSymbol: Cancer
Element: Water
Polarity: Negative
Favorite colors: White, silver
Sensitive body parts: stomach, breasts
Counterpart in Chinese: Goat
The ruling planet: Moon
Intersection/Quality: Cardinal
House: Fourth
The opposite sign: Capricorn
Amulet: Pearl


You operate best when you feel secure in your surroundings. You like tangible proof and have an “I need to see it to believe it” attitude. You relish receiving tons of nurturing from those you’re close to. When you feel depleted, turn to your loved ones for a quick hug or a personalized pep talk. Because you are so supersensitive, you have the tendency to read too much into situations, jump to the wrong conclusion, get hurt, and then re­treat into your protective shell. Trying to put things into perspective might help you better achieve your goals.


Don’t retreat into that shell of yours. Those who care about you want to hear what you think. Trust ’em enough to open up and share your feelings. It’s totally possible to have a healthier environment on the home front but it’ll call for a little more honesty and open­ness on your part.


You do best in subjects in which you’re al­lowed to showcase your natural creativity. Any subject that allows you to write short stories or poetry or otherwise express your­ self is right up your alley. Also, think about packing plenty of art and music classes into your schedule. Pay attention to the basics covered in all you r school subjects and, if given the choice, always go with an original way of completing an assignment. Cancers are often the ones who discover new and interesting ways to solve problems. Believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to let your vivid imagination help you slide into your rightful position on the honor roll.


You have an amazing ability to draw out other people even though you yourself are prone to retreating. You’ve been known to wait for others to introduce themselves to you instead of making the first move, but once the hellos are out of the way, you’re apt to be a forever kind of friend. You’re at your social best and are really able to shine when hanging with the people you trust most.


Could be ’cause you’re a crab, but water sports really work for you. Whether you stick with the steady rhythm of swimming laps or go for the adventure of waterskiing, you should try to tap into all the advantages of being part of the wet set. On the food front, watch out for overindulging on fat-free treats. The fat may be missing but the sugar and calories can still add up to a snacking style that doesn’t make sense. Chow down on some fresh fruit in­stead.


You’ve got a natural love for all things nostalgic. Why not have a blast with the past by considering a career as a museum curator, an antique dealer, or a historian? Directing film documentaries or becoming a fashion or studio photographer are also options that will allow you to take your own place in history. Also, look to jobs that’ll let you tap into your nurturing nature, such as being a doctor, nurse, or social worker. To key into the more creative side of your personality, consider a career as an interior designer or an architect.


Put extra energy into your schoolwork and it will pay off for you.
Tune into what others are trying to tell you. Remain patient and stay practical if you want a certain situation to play in your favor.
Turn to your family and friends for support.


You’ve been faced with lots of challenges lately. And since you’re supersensitive, it’s been extra important for you to know that your friends are there for you. You may feel that someone close to you has let you down in a major way. But rather than obsessing over it, let go of your anger. While a friend may have disappointed you, you should spend some time learning to trust your instincts about people and take the chance at making some new friends.

At your best, you’re seen as someone who is:

  • Compassionate, Helpful, Caring, Protective, Sensitive of others

At your worst, you come across as someone who is:

  • Possessive, Easily hurt, Moody, Stuck in their ways, Selfish

Your sign is associated with:

  • Sensitivity, Comfort, Nostalgia, History, Security




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