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Where to Find Cancer

It’s hard to get a grip on the sympathetic and secretive Cancer.  Not only will he skid sideways to avoid your grasp, but Cancer is also secretive about anything he considers personal. And he thinks everything is personal. Having all this in mind, Cancer real horoscope might seem a bit hard to see through to a superficial eye.Cancer may be quiet, but you can still find him:

• Cooking a good meal
• Offering a shoulder to cry on
• Looking for a shoulder to cry on
• Beating around the bush
• Avoiding an issue

But by “cooking a good meal” everything soul-nurturing goes, at least searching for the way. For the Path.

Life with a Cancer can be a bit puzzling. Cancer is usually such a gentle, considerate soul. Then she astonishes you by pricking you with conversational jabs.
For example, Cancer knows you’re sensitive about the ten pounds you’ve put on over the past few months. And then ever-sensitive Cancer turns on you and says, “I ordered some new slacks for you, dear. They’re the next size larger.”


Get used to Cancerian sniping. (He will caught you for your weakest spot, causing you enormous pain, in the moment when you least expect it, and with variety of tactics that go on like it wasn’t aggression, unpunished, passive-aggressive, etc. Beaten, you wouldn’t have anything to say, he actually did…nothing….he probably “didn’t care” (favorite type of shall for younger cancers…This is Cancer REAL Horoscope!

How to Get What You Want from Cancer

Cancer is the caretaker of the zodiac. He is always there when you need him. So giving. So loving. So irritating.
The Cancer needs to give. (Consciously or less so. Their egoism is sometimes undirected need to give!)He also has deep emotional needs and a great need to have them met. How do you know what he needs? By observing what he does for you and doing the same for him. Unnerve him by our nurturing him. Caring and sharing: that’s how Cancer gets you into his debt. Follow suit, and nail him with nurturing.

Be Sensitive to Cancer

Cancer approaches all relationships emotionally, whether they involve friends, lovers, or bosses. She’ll be more susceptible to you if you’re sensitive, too. Send her a birthday card. Return her library book before it’s overdue.


Be considerate to Cancer.

Nurture Cancer

Remember the day Cancer took you out to lunch to console you on the first anniversary of your divorce? Maybe Cancer had a car wreck recently. Send him a basket of bestsellers and cherry-loaf bread to ease his convalescence.


When life throws Cancer a curve, caress him with kindness.




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