Moon in Cancer

Cancer Moon

Cancer Moon – The Sensitive Crab

The use of the crab in the Zodiac as a symbol of Cancer is indeed well deliberated. A close look at the crab shows that it is undoubtedly a sensitive animal but it manages to use its shell to mask this fact. It also uses its claws to ward off anyone or anything that wants to come too close. Such is the nature of the people who are categorized as Cancer Moon. The trait of being able to mask things is most prominent when the Moon is in Cancer. That said; let us explore in detail these people.

Moon is the ruler of the Cancer, so the Cancer is at home in this position. It gives Cancer Moon great ability to know other people’s moods and feelings. Only obstacle in achieving this is Cancer Moon subjectivity and tendency to wrap up in themselves and cling on things and people. Being detached is unknown to them – and getting to the others asks exiting from oneself – what is extremely difficult for Cancer Moon natives.

Similar to the crab, a Cancer Moon does their best to guard themselves. They are very keen to secure their dignity as human beings, their name and reputation. While it is natural for all humans to want untainted lives, Cancer Moon people take it too seriously and are constantly on an effort to maintain a clean eye from the public. In a related fashion, a Moon in Cancer is particularly sensitive and wishes to lead a very private life. Getting too close to this person is very hard because they shelter themselves from openness. Their inner lives are always hidden and they naturally do not want to let anyone in. Other people may notice that Cancer Moon are too defensive about it. It is very normal for these people not to disclose their insecurities, wishes and hopes. We all need to understand that the defense of Cancer Moon gives them the assurance of safety.

It is worth noting that in the entire Zodiac, the crab is the first water sign. Just like a crab is sensitive in the interior, the Cancer Moon is emotionally fragile as well. Also similar to the water in which crabs live is their waves of emotions. Because of this up and downs they sometimes look irrationally. These emotions are often hidden from others by means of keeping quiet or crying. These people use their neat appearance in public and clean reputations to hide their weaknesses. Generally, Cancer Moon people use their good image to shelter themselves from anyone that may want to come too close. Their cool and appealing look often keeps others occupied as Cancer Moon learn whether or not to trust another person. Rarely do these folks issue anything away quickly.

Good side of these tides of emotions in Cancer Moon is that inner life sometimes produces very special sense of humor, and while their moodiness befuddle others, their unique philosophy of life make people appreciate them.

Usually, it takes others quite some time before they can create a deep connection with these personas. Others may feel the need to prove themselves often so as to win over the Moon in Cancer’s friendship. The Cancers thrive on affirmation so it is necessary that they get it from people that they have learned to trust. Regardless of their sensitive nature, these people also are egoistic in nature. Getting to know the Moon in Cancer requires looking beyond the outer ego so as to get to their strengths and limitations.

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