Cancer Ascendant

cancer ascendant
cancer ascendant

Cancer Rising Sign

Cancer Ascendant – First House in Cancer

If the Cancer is your Rising sign you are typically known as the tender soul that everybody identifies with. You are attentive to the needs of others and endowed with strong intuition. As the Ascendant is our face to the world, this Rising sign takes on Cancer traits on – you are a person of changing moods and emotions, extremely sensitive and of retiring disposition. It means that when, for example, approaching a crowd or group of people, you do that gently, sideways and meekly. You interact with the individuals that are on the sidelines before penetrating the inner circles. 

Your sensitive nature manifests itself trough your fertile and inventive imagination and keen awareness. Your ideas emerge as vivid “feeling” pictures, with which you can identify with great pain or pleasure. That’s what rendered many of you greatly gifted (and famous) people – whether in writing, poetry or art. And even though you aren’t the one to make a flashy entrance and take a spotlight, you wish recognition from others. You need constant reassurance of your talents and worth, in order not to become insecure and feel sorry for yourself.

Cancer rules the 4th house, usually referred as House of Home, stable and harmonious home is a primary condition for you to blossom. Actually, just in order to be functional, you need that secure home base. Your readiness to meet the world depends on it, and both levels of your creativity – or insecurity – will be conditioned by prevalent atmosphere of your home.

You have a great insight into human nature – most likely gift of your emotionalism. You know what it’s like to be hurt and you do your best to shield those you love. You absorb the thoughts and feeling of others and easily pick up  information from your environmentYou feel first and think after; thought, to you, is almost unnecessary. Environment influences you in a different ways including smell and remembrance of the smell, temperature, and particularity sudden changes of it, and emotional and mental input of other people. In the other hand practical, you can later on use what you’ve absorbed.

But you can also be oversensitive, and direct your empathy toward yourself as you do toward others. This way, you are more superficially empathetic that Cancer Sun whose feelings tend to reach deeper and be more personally touching. Compering to Cancer Sun whose great acting capacity give an impression of quite outgoing and sociable person, Cancer Ascendant tend to be more reserved and introverted. Of course, some outward-oriented placement, personal planet like Sun in Aries or Moon in Leo can make you more of an extrovert. However, you will always feel more comfortable at home then in public, and in smaller groups, like family.

At times, if your friend or family run up to moodiness, you can be quite unapproachable, exhibiting impatience and irritable attitude. At that touchy moments of yours, you become snappish: you can take everything to heart and your sensitiveness is so emphasized that everybody has to carefully weight what they say: anything and everything can offend you, even there wasn’t such an intention.

You are sentimental, sympathetic and rather talkative. But due to your sensitivity and receptiveness to the environment, when in public, you tend to get perturbed easily. Even more so because of your first instinct to shield yourself. As you are rather introverted, you shelter yourself with a Cancer shell. When you first meet people, you are shy and reserved, and distrustful. You need some time to warm up, showing your caring, affectionate, giving nature. Although you’re not apt to make instant friendships and it takes time that you let someone to know you, you can understand and adapt to variety of different people.

Your sympathetic nature makes it difficult for you to refuse another person who appeals for help or appears to be in need. But you have an extremely tenacious streak, which manifests itself in a variety of ways, but is particularly ardent when you adopt a protective role. To everybody, but in particular to those in need, you are a great listener. You also enjoy a good conversation. As you mature, you’ll become more solicitous about your family, particularly of your mother or the matriarchal figures. Your strong emotional attachment to the past is enhanced with a fine retentive memory. People with Cancer Ascendant often have strong memories of their childhood. Whether recollections are happy or unhappy, you can’t help reminiscing about the past.

Opposite sign of the Cancer is Capricorn, whose your Descendant. That’s why you seek stability and in partner you want someone who can offer both emotional and material support. You need emotional and financial stability in your relationships, and you are willing to adapt and sacrifice a lot to fulfill your basic need – security. You your mate to get on in the world and you do all in your power to encourage and to help it. Your partners can be puzzled by the transformation you’re able to make comparing first encounter and your relationship preferences: from caring and sweet, almost innocent person, you become very down-to-earth, practical partner.

Another case encountered with Cancer Ascendant is that you can choose a partner who is helpless, lazy or unable to cope, so you can provide them security and stability.

Cancer Ascendant brings difficulty to your life path, especially during childhood and early years. However, overcome obstacles will strengthen you and render you more self-assured.

The ruler of Cancer Ascendant is Moon, and it’s placement will be strongly relevant in your horoscope. Watch out Moon’s tendency toward passivity,  turmoil, disorderliness and inconstancy.

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