Ever been told you have a Type-A personality? It’s a label that’s given to people who are way beyond busy and always seem to be where the action is. Well, that A could definitely stand
for Aries! Since your ruling planet is action­ packed Mars, it’s no wonder you’re the girl who loves to take the lead! You really respond to opportunities to take charge, solve problems, and try new things. Not one to follow the crowd, you blaze your own trails and thrive on energy and independence. You’ve been known to avoid sticky or stressful situations by running away from them. But when you stick to your guns, you usually end up being the girl everyone turns to for answers.

Symbol: Aries
Element: Fire
Polarity: Positive
Favorite color: Red
Sensitive body parts: Head
Counterpart in Chinese: Dragon
The ruling planet: Mars
Intersection/Quality: Cardinal
House: First
The opposite sign: Libra
Amulet: Diamond


Here’s a little something you might be too headstrong to admit: You need to know you’re loved. While you may put up that “I’m too cool to be cuddled” front to your folks, if they offer you a hug, take it! By cutting back on stuff that doesn’t hold your interest and focusing on what matters to you most, you’ll find a new sense of freedom. And by figuring out when it’s best to act and when it’s best to stay right where you are, you’ll up the odds for being seen as the fear­less leader you truly are. Also be prepared for one of your teachers to play an important role in your life.


Beware of coming across as Miss Bossy! You pride yourself on knowing all the answers, but that doesn’t mean others don’t deserve a chance to be heard. Slow down long enough to listen. Practicing a little more patience with your parents will seriously help the situation on the home front. Like the other fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius, you’re not exactly the Queen of Subtlety. You’ve been known to be a bit too blunt, but it’s only because you like to let people know exactly how you feel. The cool thing about bluntness is that it often goes along with being very honest and straight­forward.


If a subject is of interest to you, you’re likely to ace it. Beware of being too rebellious around teachers who try your patience. Your headstrong habits can cause you to act out against authority figures (as in you r beyond­ boring music teacher). Just keep cool and concentrate on your schoolwork. Stick with subjects that give you a chance to express yourself. You’re not exactly thrilled by tons of repetitious, detailed work. If an alternate assignment is an option, come up with something that’ll let you showcase your awesome Aries creativity.


When it comes to hang time, you stick with a crowd that’s all about being active and decisive. You value honesty in others and have been known to blow off anyone who tries to mislead you or hold you back from being your personal best. You have a true talent for making others feel at ease and have no problem being pals with people from every crowd. You’re fiercely loyal to the friends who matter most to you and are the first to show up on the scene when a bud is feeling bad. Don’t freak if your friends have a tendency to see you as the “leader of the pack” – that just means you’re super true to your sign.


Never ones to sit on the sidelines, those born under Aries are believed to be the natural athletes of the zodiac. When you zero in on your sport of choice, you’re almost guaranteed to shine. Since you’re big on doing your best, you may want to stick with a sport where you’re a solo star, such as track-and-field events, gymnastics, ice skating, swimming, diving, or singles tennis. However, your impulsive style can sometimes translate into sudden spurts of energy that can cause you to go so wacko with your workouts that you end up needing some serious couch-potato time! Strive to work out on a regular basis and steer clear of that all-­or-nothing style. When stress strikes, do some stretches or pop in a yoga video to take the edge off.


Since you’re way into activity, being on the move, and taking initiative, a job that’s pretty much the same old routine, day in and day out, is gonna drive you nuts. Look to head down a career track that’ll keep you on the move. You may want to be your own boss so that what may seem like the slowpoke pace of others doesn’t get you down. On the other hand, you’d be a great leader, director, or supervisor. Consider a career in the business world, politics, sports, or the military – anything that’ll put you in charge!


Spend the effort to make new friends.
Take advantage of the opportunity to travel and you’ll discover a slew of new things.
Give a lot of thought to your future.


You may have suffered some setbacks recently – doing a little advance planning could prevent the same snags from getting in you r way again. Think before you act. Take a minute to picture how you want a particular situation to work out. Make a pact with yourself to learn from the lessons of the last few months. Prepare yourself for the possibility of taking a short trip and becoming involved in lots of neighborhood activities. You may change your appearance in some way or give some serious thought to redoing you r room. The pace is likely to pick up with your friends and lots of time will be spent hanging out at your house. And if that’s not enough, creativity is in your court right now, so think about signing up for an art class!

At your best, you’re seen as someone who is:

  • A leader, Energetic, Open to challenges, A risk taker, Persistent

At your worst, you come across as someone who is:

  • Bossy, Brash, Selfish, Unwilling to listen to what others have to say, Opposed to being told what to do

Your sign is associated with:

  • New beginnings, Exploration, Discovery, Competition, Courage




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