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Aries Astro Guide
Aries Astro Guide

How To Make Aries Like You

We rarely find guides to Zodiac signs in respect to how to behave with any Zodiac personality and get wanted response. I’ve constructed Real Life Horoscope, beginning with Aries Real Horoscope, part 1, so that you know how to behave from the moment you meet particular Sun sign. It can help you in dealing with your spouse, lover, friend, boss, parent…..Of course, other planets position (Ascendant, Moon, Venus, Mars) would give more information, so you can make FREE NATAL CHART and learn more about specific person. Stay tuned, more Astro Guides are coming!

Basic information

Aries is the sign of action, which means you’ll get nowhere fast if you don’t move faster. It’s a rarely discussed but well-known fact that you can’t manipulate someone if you can’t catch the person. And you’re apt to catch the Ram doing just about anything, because fear is as foreign to Aries as sincerity is to a used-car salesperson.
Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so the solar system revolves around Arians. Or so they assume. The price of admission to the Ram’s universe is to become a whizzing little planet, so pretend you’re orbiting and manipulate your Aries instead.

Dealing with the Doyenne of Domination

Aries’ planetary ruler is Mars, the God of war. This means the sign is basically a dominant one. To manipulate the sign successfully, maintain the illusion that Aries is in charge. If you’re dealing with an Aries lover, friend, or boss, follow these rules while pretending to submit.

Be Direct To Aries

Aries is literal-minded. If you drop hints, Aries won’t get them. They’ll merely clutter up the floor, which slows down Aries’ forward motion. That pisses him off.


Don’t drop hints.

Get to the Point

When talking to Aries, keep to the point and have a point to keep to. By all means, share your deep insights. But don’t go too deep. Your version of covert complexity is the Ram’s idea of overt whining.


By the time you finish your convoluted sentence, the Ram has finished his conversation with you.

Obey Orders

Or pretend to. Giving orders is Aries’ job. Obeying them is yours. Aries often forgets you’re a competent adult and tells you things you already know. Attempting to tell him that you remember how to get to the post office, that you know where the dog’s leash is kept, and that you’ve ridden in a car before is a waste of your breath and Aries’ time.


Don’t expect submissiveness.

Respond to Aries-Immediately

Don’t keep Aries waiting. Aries may be the master of his fate and the captain of everyone else’s soul, but he hasn’t mastered the skill of patience. In fact, the genetic ability to wait is missing from the Mars Ruled Ram’s DNA strand. He has no interest in cultivating patience
and considers it a waste of time.


If you keep Aries waiting, you’ll wait forever-for him to come back.

Astrologically Incorrect, Terry Marlowe




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