Aries Ascendant

aries ascendant
aries ascendant

Aries Rising Sign

Aries Ascendant – First House in Aries

“The shortest distance between two points is a straight line”.

With an Aries Ascendant you are forthright and direct and – The first (as first of twelve zodiac signs, first as your self-image and image presented to others). As an lover of action, your first response is to act. As soon as you get a good idea, you have no time to plan deliberately ahead, you simply plunge into action. Your energy is pioneering. It is also impulsive, and here and there causes you clashes with others, as you really don’t take time to assess situations and opposition. But, great virtue of yours is strength not to be discouraged and if needed, to start all over again. You feel at your best when you can just issue the plan of action, both for yourself and others to follow. However, you’re often not the one who finishes that plan, as you prefer moving again to another, fresh action. That sometimes leaves others to cope with the idea and clean up, even more so if you don’t have other positions in a more enduring sign, like Scorpio or Capricorn. (If the Mars, the ruler of the Aries ascendant is placed in an fixed sign, like Scorpio or Taurus, this trait is less emphasised)

You are natural born leader, and you enjoy position of a command. And you deserve it, because of your ability to govern yourself as you do it with others. Some of Aries ascendants are competitive, but it’s actually you are the one whom you give the toughest task. However, as a good general, represented by Mars, you don’t like to talk about your plans, but rather reveal them in activities. Being first is an innate drive that emerges from your quick temperament. It includes even simple things as fast walking and rapid reading. Second place isn’t where you are born to be, so you aim to first or nothing. Important lesson to learn is to be a humble when winning and dignified when loosing.

While it may be easy to see above mentioned traits as aggressiveness, that further depends on other positions in the birth Chart, then solely on Aries Rising sign. It’s true that you can be impatient with people who are slower than you are, but your motives are never clandestine or maliciousYour quick way of acting is simply forthright but your intentions are rather pure, generally not targeted at hurting anyone. You are quick to smile and have an attractive youthful charisma that never fades even as you age.

Naturally, the Aries Ascendant loves the action and thrill of life and is, therefore, always attempting to initiate activities. Your enterprising character is your primary strength and it’s sometimes expressed more dynamically than in Aries Sun. Main difference among Aries Sun and Ascendant is that the blunt directness of Aries Sun that can seem so inconsiderate is toned down in Ascendant.

That youthful simplicity and directness in your approach makes you uncomfortable with manipulations, frauds, lies – you can even get paranoid about it at times. Your style is dealing with the problem directly, and you prefer saying what you actually think, and wait what’s going to happen. And even if it is something hurtful, you won’t hold a grudge. You fiery Aries certainly reacts indignantly if imposed upon or abused, but you’ll speak out and let other know that you’ve been offended. You settle differences quickly and in no time move on. Obstacles are there to be overcome and the victory of it excites you.

Your strong will-power is pushing you always ahead, sometimes too fast so. Although you’re ambitious, and you eagerly reach to your goals, if your eagerness hits the wall, you’ll rather choose another interesting direction of action then to cope with too complicated situation. You’ll probably miss some rewards for your considerable efforts and responsibilities, since you’ll probably will be on the new task when they are handed. You are able to make a snap decisions, and to remain opinionated. You frequently have some distinct philosophical learnings. Nevertheless, saying “I don’t know” is an important lesson you need to learn, as well not to insist on giving an opinion when its not requested. You often say something you later regret.

You are independent and freedom loving, and you have a contagious enthusiasm. You are people person, and those who are sociable in the similar manner see you as you are: honest, lively and generous. Closed types, and those who don’t really know you can perceive you as egoistical, aggressive or harsh whilst you are really courageous and daring. You can also earn the reputation of a troublemaker, because of your pioneering spirit that breaks old and conservative norms, in order to establish new and progressive. You like to be noticed.

During their childhood, the Aries rising people are often stereotyped as the independent children and they get identified with that role caring it into maturity. Since you emerge as character that is strong and doing very well in life, others don’t consider offering you a help. Your self-sufficient nature is a trait that was developed earlier on in life.

Regardless of the perception that they are well off by themselves, the Aries ascendants are sensitive and ready to negotiate and agree in their relationships. Actually, in a relationship you exhibit deep emotional dependency needs, despite of your endless quest for independence.

As you are often in a rush, focused to the goal and not where you’re going, you are prone to accidents. The body parts ruled by the sign Aries are head and face, they are the most exposed to injuries. Your ascendant usually loves sport, or any kind of physical activity and it is reflected on your physique. Most of you enjoy having self-image of a courageous, person of action, in the best scenario – admired athlete or general.

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