Moon in Aquarius

Aquarius Moon

Aquarius Moon – The Optimistic Revolutionary

Being selfish and putting self-interests as the top most priority comes naturally to the human beings, but that, however, is not the case with the Aquarius Moon. This is true for Aquarius in general, but as the Moon represents our emotional, instinctive side, it is even more true for Aquarius Moon. This Zodiac position in Astrology rightfully deserves the title of the epitome of unselfishness. In the world of Aquarius Moon, issues that concern the entire world are more important than personal issues. As a result, the Aquarius Moon is always coming up with new ideas that are beneficial to the entire globe. Often, these people are on the forefront in social awareness championships as well as raising consciousness in the community. It is not unusual to come across some that are radical in their quest. These people can be called revolutionaries who invest much time and effort into the creation of a better future for humanity. As such, these people are often known by all other people as futurists who possess a spiritualist quality. They are thus often seen as beyond the normal human being.

These people have innate leadership qualities. This is because they have the ability to understand all other persons as they are and their emotional nature allows them to connect easily with others. Generally, the Aquarius Moon character has a good social standing and are admired by other people. Dr. Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King (his spouse) are examples of the Moon in Aquarius. Others include Cesar Chavez, Che Guevara, Huey Newton and Dr. Timothy Leary. All the above listed people were revolutionaries in their unique capacities. The Aquarius Moon folks are usually driven by the inner desires in their hearts. This drive is so strong that it eventually helps them reach their destiny. They tend to act on their convictions with all the might they can fathom. As a result, they often achieve great things in life and their reputation and achievements are remembered for many centuries.

The one common thing about the Aquarius Moon is their ability to be the voice of the people. They often highlight and press for action on matters that concern all human beings. These issues include the worries, interests and inspirations. Although they may not always be the initiators of certain trends and movements, they always have adequate information of the ongoing issues before they become known to the masses. Normally, these people thrive in marketing and mass communication. The Aquarius Moon also tends to be artistic which is an avenue that they often use to impact the world. Jean-Paul Sartre, for example, used his ability to write to start a great debate on existentialism. Goethe, Camus and Ginsberg also used their artistic nature to influence the world. The artistic sides of these people vary widely from being authors, painters, among others. It is also not uncommon for an Aquarius to exemplify an entire generation like Princess Diana and Marilyn Monroe did. In their tragic deaths, the two left behind legacies that were and are remembered by different generations.

It should be mentioned, however, that the same trait can be both virtue and flaw. In Aquarius Moon case, global selflessness that makes Aquarius Moon revolutionary benefactors, makes them also a bit impersonal in close relationships. So it can happen that people close to Aquarius Moon don’t perceive them so warm and affectionate, even thought the whole world admires them. That personal distance sometimes makes them appear detached and self-sufficient. I had a few experiences with Aquarius clients, where strength and perseverance in all-human progress and benefit, or even their strong determination on a daily basis made the impression of the people whom help is never needed because they are always  the ones to help, which alienated them from people they genuinely loved.

The Aquarius Moon people are often iconic in what they do. Some are in fashion, others in politics, social activism or even music. In their different capacities, these people share in their values and prove that they are present in the trending societal issues. Interacting with these personas is usually very easy because they are graceful and welcoming. They are also excellent at networking so they tend to make many friends very quickly. Often, their partners have to deal with a very active social life. The strength of the Aquarius Moon lies in their capacity to gather people together for necessary social causes, celebrations or dialogues.

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