Aquarius Ascendant

Aquarius Ascendant
Aquarius Ascendant

Aquarius Rising Sign

Aquarius Ascendant – First House in Aquarius

The uniqueness and individuality of the Aquarius ascendant are aspects that everyone must recognize about them. These people tend to remind others of their uniqueness and that they are individuals who should not be grouped or labeled. Aquarius rising are very witty, knowledgeable and have immense confidence in themselves and are the kind that one can seek counsel from. As would be expected, they are usually highly knowledgeable in both Science and Metaphysics. Subjects that involve the progression of humanity is their thing, and they have a deep curiosity about it.

Aquarius ascendants radiate the air that suggests that they have experience in almost everything in the world. It is thus very hard to astound them. Although they are not generally showy, they really love receiving praise from people who they consider honest – often people below them. As Aquarius rising sign is one of the nonconformist who believe only in the true authority, not gained solely by social position, which can lead them to be confrontational even beside the point. In a classroom, this is an A student who causes problems confronting limitating structure. Regardless of this, the Aquarius rising are welcoming hence likeable. As they interact with others, they are very accepting of all type of people and view all people as equals. The liberty that they allow others, and their broad (sometimes too broad for people around them) interest in their environment, are the traits that others find most attractive. Although they appear kindhearted and compassionate, these people can also be somewhat inaccessible.

When compared to the norm, the Aquarius rising materialize as unique, especially in their childhood. They are often very self-governing and novel. They have an exemplary ability to observe events very closely and to come up with conclusions. Additionally, they are very inventive and have a way of always making things work. In life, they are able to handle with ease different personalities and to coordinate them well. This ability makes them excellent managers and group bosses.

An Aquarius ascendant always dresses up in a manner that matches their character. Primarily, their choice of clothes displays nonconformity and may thus be out of the ordinary. While their clothes do not necessarily make them stand out in a crowd, they certainly do tell much about the character of these people.

These people can be very stubborn, even if they appear to maintain an open mind that easily welcomes fresh ideas. They are generally adamant to change and this is partly attributed to the fact that their sign has fixed quality. When faced with new situations that are not welcoming it. Aquarius ascendants tend to force their thoughts and feelings on other people. Aquarius ascendant people tend to invest in the future of the entire humanity, therefore, making it commonplace for them not to notice the needs of the people that are dear to them. Concerning relationships, these people are more likely to get attracted to people who are confident and have a passion for living purposefully.

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